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(LOL Our first interaction and you want it to be a kiss? I’m game)

Nervously he paced before his older brother’s door, mind racing as he awaited to be acknowledge by his older meditating brother. Donatello knew he wouldn’t have to wait long and true to his calculations his brother called out and asked him to enter. Swallowing nervously the tech savvy teen took a deep breather before steeping into the Leader’s room, closing the door with a soft click. Inside the room the air was heavy with the scent of incense and lite softly with a few burning candles. Allowing his eyes to adjust, Donatello soon found his bother sitting lotus position in the middle of his spartan decorated room. “Anou… Leo… sorry to intrude… demo…” Nervousness chocking his words the taller teen cleared his throat before pressing on, a hand playing with the ends of his mask’s tails. “Remember when I asked earlier… if you would help me with an experiment… I thought now would be a good time…” He waited and once again he didn’t have to wait long as his brother made of sound of agreement while he remained seated and his eyes closed.

Hesitating a moment longer, Donatello worried his lower lip between the gap of his before slowly kneeling before the blue banded terrapin. For a moment he studied Leo’s face noticing how his brother tried not to flinch when he felt Donnie’s gaze on him. No other words spoken the genius took one last calming breath and closed his own eyes as he let himself lean forward and gently brush his beak against Leonardo in a first experimental intimate kiss.

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    "Why should I be?" Leo asked and tilted his head at his brother. "It’s only an experiment" he smiled reassuringly and...
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    "Nani?!" He chirped as he looked back in surprise, worrying his lower lip. "You… you… want to… try it again..?" He...